Vote 1 Graeme Frontbum - The President of the Internet

Graeme Frontbum - The President of the Internet

Does the President of the internet have any powers?

People have been tirelessly campaigning in this presidential election in the hope that they will become the unofficial democratically elected internet ruler but what exactly will they get if they make it to the top? There is no denying that bragging rights are a worthy cause in itself. This is a tough Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) competition to crack and anyone who succeeds deserves respect, but will there be other perks too? This has been a question asked by many and while the answer may seem at first an obvious 'no', when you look closer, it's actually a definite yes!

The power of SEO authority

Even though the 'President of the Internet' is an unofficial title it still holds an element of authority from an SEO perspective. Anyone who reaches the number one spot must be very good at SEO; as a result the President of the Internet automatically becomes a person of authority on the subject. This is true regardless of the validity of the competition itself. Interestingly, this power is not something that is specifically gained by becoming the president, instead, it is more accurate to say that the president's SEO skills were there all along but only revealed to all once they reached the top.

Keyword ranking power

When one ranks number one for a keyword in Google's search results then there is a 'keyword influence' that goes along with this ranking, this is a definite power that can be controlled and used. For example, the President of the Internet has a sphere of influence over search engine rankings that relates to all things 'internet' and 'president'. By selectively linking to one page or another, the president can add a positive weighting to its ranking. While this influence may only be slight, it's a definite effect and one only available to the President. In a time when high rankings equal high profits, this power also takes on a real monetary value.

The geeky wow-factor power

Lets be honest, being the President of the Internet is just plain cool, ask any geek or nerd out there and they will all agree. We all know that the world is run by geeks so an influence over this community should not be underrated. The President of the Internet has a definite power here.

It can't be denied, many real powers can be obtained by becoming the President of the Internet. Only one question remains, will they be used for good or evil?